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SONA Activations 2017

SONA Activations 2017

As the country prepares to listen to the annual State of The Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday 9 February at 7pm, Buffalo City Metro (BCM) together with Government Communications and Information System (GCIS), Road Accident fund (RAF) and Public Participation launched the pre-SONA activation campaign.

Activities kicked off with a train ride from East London, passing Mdantsane and the last stop was Berlin on February 2.

The main activity was to distribute government information products which include SONA leaflets, newsletters, general government information leaflets and interacting with people about their expectation from the upcoming SONA and about service delivery in general. 

This programme was one of the pre-SONA activations intended to create awareness about the upcoming State of the Nation Address scheduled for 9 February 2017.

The theme for SONA 2017 is The year of Oliver Reginald Tambo: Unity in Action Together Moving South Africa Forward.

Speaking to one of the train commuters from East London to Berlin, Bayambela Sifumba said, “I am concerned with how the government plans to deal with issues of unemployment and service delivery in our community.”

According to the GCIS website (www.gcis.co.za), the President will provide an update on the implementation of the Programme of Action based on the National Development Plan (NDP).

The 2017 SONA will also be delivered within the context of the current strides made by government to respond to the various challenges that our country is facing.

Public Participation Practitioner Kenneth Kodwa said, “We set out to share information with the public about the SONA, we acknowledge the importance of community involvement in sound governance and also in keeping with the Batho Pele principals.”

The public is encouraged to participate in discussions on Facebook (GovernmentZA) and Twitter on the hashtag #SONA2017

Other activation events include a radio debate amongst school pupils from two high schools in Duncan Village namely Kusile and Sinovuyo High on Kumkani FM, 6 February and a dialogue session with the community that will be held in Berlin 8 February.

The SONA will be broadcast live on television, radio and social media from 7pm on February 9.





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