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Bursary Fund continues to change lives

Bursary Fund continues to change lives

When 19-year-old Yanga Tutu began his matric year in 2016, he had one goal in mind and that was to perform exceptionally well.

Raised in a low income family in NU2 Mdantsane, Tutu knew that his single mother Nombulelo Mkhokeli who works as a Nurse Assistant would not be able to afford university fees when he matriculates and that he would need a bursary to further his studies.

However, Tutu admitted that he was not always been a dedicated student because during his early high school years, he had to deal with the struggles of peer pressure, that got him involved with the wrong crowd to be perceived as ‘cool’ and being mischievous.

“In my first year of high school, I tried to choose my friends wisely but somewhere along the way I found myself belonging to a group where I was unable to exercise good judgment.”

“Grade 11 was the hardest year for me, I had deeply succumb to peer pressure which hurt my mother a lot and one day I found myself sitting on a bathroom floor thinking about the direction my life was taking - that day I made a decision that I would refocus and dedicate all of my time to my school work and today I look back on that day and just thank God for the intervention,” he said. 

The turning point in the young man’s life came at the right time as he made it through Grade 12 with commendable results, obtaining a distinction in Physical Science.

The Ulwazi High School former learner was one of the beneficiaries who were awarded with full bursaries during the Mayoral Bursary Fund Handover on Wednesday, 15 February 2016 at the East London City Hall.

The Bursary covers all university costs including registration fees, tuition, prescribed study literature and materials as well as institutional accommodation and meals

Tutu is enrolled at the Walter Sisulu University for a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, a field that has been of interest to him since Grade 10.

“I have always been obsessed with experiments in the laboratory and the understanding of how various elements make up substances. This has been my field of interest and my love for it is growing with every lecture I attend,” he said.

Recognising the value of this opportunity, Tutu expressed appreciation for the break saying that he will not take it for granted.

“I know that there were many other deserving students so I do not take this grand opportunity for granted.” I am determined to take full advantage of this chance and make something of my life,” said Tutu.

Executive Mayor Xola Pakati congratulated the beneficiaries, motivating them to commit to their studies and seal their own fate of success.

Pakati also added that the skilling of young people is a major investment for the City. “I strongly believe that you will make an immense contribution towards the economic growth of the Metro, and we know that through your skills, we will overcome many of the challenges that have a negative impact on the socio-economic outlook of our municipality.” 

He further motivated saying that commitment, discipline and a vision to build a bright future for yourselves and your communities will produce great success.  

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