On Friday, 01 October 2021 Border Kei Chamber of Businesses (BKCOB) in collaboration with the Metro, Mercedes Benz South Africa and other businesses based in Buffalo City launched Southernwood Buy-Back Centre to encourage recycling in the City.

Southernwood Buy-Back Centre is a recycling project through Call-2-Action programme to encourage recycling in Buffalo City.
Speaking during the launch, BCMM Deputy Executive Mayor Cllr Helen Neale-May said, " The initiative serves as a catalyst for the prosperity of our beautiful City. It is through such engagements that we can collaboratively as the Municipality and the business sector to make Buffalo City the land of plenty."
"Our intentions is to provide a better life for the citizens of Buffalo City. The programme does not only look at improving the City's image and attracting investment, it also serves as a poverty alleviation tool through the creation of job opportunities for the unemployed youth of the Metro."
"Thank you very much to our partners in making sure that our City is clean and ensuring that our people have a desent livelihood through recycling."
The launch took place at St George's Park in Southernwood, East London.