Councillor Helen Neale-May as the new Executive Deputy Mayor.
The virtual meeting was chaired by Council Speaker Councillor Humprey Maxegwana. Council had to go to a vote after two councillors were nominated. The nominations were as follows:

Councillor Helen Neale-May, nom-inated by the African National Congress, and
Councillor Sue Bentey, nominated by the Democratic Alliance.
The position of Executive Deputy Mayor became vacant after the passing of former Executive Deputy Mayor, Councillor Zoliswa Matana in December 2020.
Councilor Helen Neale-May was serving as a Member of the Mayoral Committee heading the Finance portfolio before her election.
After the election, BCM Speaker Councillor Humprey Maxegwana said, “I want to congratulate Councillor Neale-May, I know that you have a lot of experience in local government and I know you will do as expected”