The Buffalo City Metro is excited at the return of the cruise liners to its shores. This will contribute significantly towards the recovery of the tourism sector which has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

Cruise liner industry contributes to the growth of visitor numbers, tourist spent and boost the local economy as these visitors visits some of the local attractions.  

In this season we are seeing an increase in the number of cruises that will dock in our harbour as well as the number of pax in each cruise.  

A total of 18 cruise liners are set to dock at East London Harbour bringing over 20 000 visitors to our city.  This is a sizeable number for the local tourism industry.  

The Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor Councillor Xola Pakati has warmly welcomed the visitors.

“We want to thank all the people that are visiting our city. Our tourism establishments are benefitting greatly, and we are doing our part in ensuring that all our visitors their stay safely as we had upscaled our law enforcement efforts working with the South African Police Service,” he said.

We invite everyone to come and explore our city, its beauty, and the hospitality of its people. Explore Buffalo City,” he added.

Buffalo City Tourism is urging all stakeholders in the Metro to warmly welcome these visitors and work hard to provide an excellent service to exceed their expectations.  

Metro Tourism is encouraging this to ensure that visitors to our city have a memorial experience.  

We are noticing though that the period they spend in our shores in minimal, we would like to see this being extended to at least two to three days.  

We will work very hard to encourage our partners to package the diverse experiences that the city offers.  We would like to see more players benefitting from this industry particularly the previously disadvantaged individuals.