The Buffalo City Metro is pleased with the results of the Safety Festive Season Operation which was held on Sunday throughout the City.

Roadblocks Operations aimed at the Enforcement of Road Safety and Covid 19 
Compliance Enforcement  at the Beaches produced results.
The Municipality is hoping that this will send out a strong message to transgressors not to break the law.
A roadblock on cars leaving and entering East London was conducted on the R72 near the airport whilst Conducted 7 Beaches Visited for Compliance Enforcement.
Operation statistics are as follows:
Vehicles Stopped: 985
Vehicles Searched: 123
People Searched :289
1. 4 boxes of fire works
*Traffic Violations
001 x Red Robot
001 x Number plate
005 x Driving license 
001 x D/facing oncoming
001 x Overload
007 x Unlicensed m/v 
001 x Smooth tyre 
002 x Seatbelts
001 x Learner Driver 
001 x Tail lights
* Roadblock /bus stats
Notices= 009
W.O.A = 001
Vehicles checked=198
Outstanding =509