The Buffalo City Metro Command Centre has observed the decrease in the numbers that have been earlier reported as a result of COVID-19 infections.

The Command Centre received a report that there has been a general Decrease in the number of Burials (BCMM Cemeteries) and requests for Digging and Backfilling of graves in Rural Areas. The Municipality was, at some point during the Covid-19 period, operating on 50 to 60 funerals but that has since dropped to be between 30 and 40.
In terms of the Directorate responsible for funerals, maintenance, cleaning, there has been a decrease in the number of new cases amongst and this has led to no recent closures of the depots and no disruption of services.
There’s been a marked decline in the number of daily infections cases as well.
Sadly, the Municipality has recorded 466 fatalities to date.
The Municipality reiterates its call to all people living or visiting Buffalo City to exercise extra caution as this is a Corona virus highly infected area.
The Municipality commends the screening and testing activities conducted by the Department of Health as statistics reveal a huge jump from the tests conducted since the last report.
As at 06 August 2020, the BCM Covid-19 Command Centre updates that in Buffalo City there were 20 072 Confirmed cases, 19 056 Recoveries, 550 Active Cases and 466 deaths.
To date, the mass screening and testing teams have screened approximately 296 355 people.
Up to 81 403 tests have been conducted as on 16 August 2020, which is another significant jump from the 56 157 that was last reported at the end of July.
In addition, BCMM Traffic and Law Enforcement Services conducted executions around the City as of 13 to 16 August 2020 where 1134 vehicles were screened, 79 liquor outlets were inspected, 44 shops inspected and 3 hawkers were removed from the streets. 
Furthermore, a total of 436 various prosecutions were done, 2 vehicles were impounded, 2941 speed cases (dcam), 9 vehicles were suspended and 103 people were stopped and searched. 
Isolation and Quarantine Sites

28 people were admitted in Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDoH) sites provided by Dept of Public Works as on 11 August 2020. Total number of beds available in sites is 283 beds.

Hotspot area

As more businesses begin to operate under Lockdown Level 2, we call on all them to exercise caution, ensure that staff and customers wear masks, that they screen everyone and enforce social distance.
We further call on the people of Buffalo City not to compromise on their safety and alert law enforcement authorities whenever there are transgressions. For any Covid-19 related matters call the hotline on 0800 029 999, Say 'Hi' to WhatsApp 0600 123 456.