Loadshedding Schedule
As we are all aware Load shedding is part of our daily lives, with generation and maintenance challenges growing all Municipalities have been advised to review their current practises and adjust the load shedding schedule from stages 1-3 upwards to stages 1 to 8.

  • Each stage representing a curtailment of 5% of the load, that saying stage 8 will therefore equate to 40% of the load.
  • Currently BCMM operate 14 Blocks this will increase to 19 blocks
  • Currently BCMM loadshed blocks for a period of 2 hours this will increase to 3 hours per block (may be reviewed to 4 hrs at a later stage)
  • Currently Business not imbedded (on a spur) within the system had the opportunity of been excluded from load shedding by taking measures of reducing their consumption by a guaranteed 20% this will remain between stages 1 & 4, moving above this they will be loadshed.
  • For noting above stage 4 overlapping of blocks will commence, the reasoning for this is to ensure no more than 20% of the load is brought back at any one time (any load above the 20% will cause damage to equipment.

For more information follow the link http://bit.ly/2NaI0lN