The Buffalo City Metro cleaning operations are being intensified as part of efforts to ensure that as a Coronavirus hotspot area, the City promotes a clean and safe environment through various waste management activities.

The City is hard at work cleaning its public convenience facilities, clearing illegal dumps, distributing black refuse bags and collecting refuse. The weekly Blitz and Fix with Good Green Deeds campaign is also continuing.
This also includes the distribution of gloves, masks, sanitizers and soaps to communities.
The daily cleaning and disinfection of municipal facilities is also being intensified as a measure to curb the transmission of COVID-19, and members of the public and staff are being provided with sanitisers at all public convenient facilities. 
The following activities are taking place as part of the cleaning operations:
a.    Distribution of gloves, masks, sanitizers and soaps 
The Municipality has distributed gloves, masks, sanitizers and soaps to the Fynboss phases 1 and 2 evictees. Soaps have also been distributed to all informal settlements in ward 1 and ward 2.
We are busy distributing soaps in wards 6, 8, 16, 34, 41, 42 and 44. Our aim is to complete all BCM wards before the end of July 2020.
b.    Grass Cutting
There is ongoing grass cutting taking place on recreational amenities and sport facilities. We are also cleaning and disinfecting these facilities daily.
The areas covered on parks and cemeteries in terms of grass cutting are: 
 George Randal Road – Gonubie; Mc Janet Road; Sunnyside Road – Amalinda; Voortrekker Road; War Memorial; Kimberley Road; Avenue and Upper Oxford Streets; Gately and Elton Streets; St David's Roads; Queenspark; Braelyn Two Rooms Main Road and John Dube Cemetery.
In the Inland region, the areas conducted are Bhisho Gardens Play Park & Public Open Spaces; Tyutyu North Public Open Spaces; Golf Course; Mount Coke Road; Albert Road; Joubert Street; Market Street; Dimbaza and Old Ginsberg Cemeteries.
In the Midlands Region, the areas conducted are Berlin – Station Street Area; Zone 15, Zone 12 and Fort Jackson Cemetery.
c.    Public convenience facilities
As a measure to curb the transmission of COVID 19, our staff have been provided with cleaning materials as well as sanitizers for members of the public before and after using our Public Convenience Facilities.
The following coastal areas were cleaned namely; Oriental Plaza, Shoprite CBD, Argyle CBD, Beacon Bay, Gonubie; Midland – Highway Taxi rank and Inland – Civic Centre.
d.    Refuse removal services 
In terms of refuse removals services, there is no refuse removal backlog as all businesses and households are being covered as per the collection schedule.
e.    Distribution of black refuse bags 
The Solid Waste Department is in a process of distributing black refuse bags in all regions (Coastal, Midlands & Inland)
Midlands Region completed areas are Mdantsane zone 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15.
In the Coastal Region, wards that have been covered are Ward 1, 2, 6, and 7. In the Inland Region, covered wards are 44 and 45.
f.    Clearing of illegal dumps
The following illegal dumps were cleared in Breidbach, Ginsberg, KWT CBD (Buffalo Rd, Weirs Cash & Carry, Station Street, and Victoria Street), Wilsonia, Braelyn, Mdantsane zone 2, 5.
The cleaning operations of the City are being reported on a weekly basis to the Covid-19 Command Council as part of the work that is undertaken by the work stream.
Issued by the BCM Communications