Buffalo City Traffic pleased with new device during the Easter weekend
The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality traffic authorities have expressed satisfaction with the new Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing (EBAT) device used to clamp down on drunken driving during Easter weekend.

Buffalo City Metro road safety enforcement plans were in full swing keeping law and order on the roads over rainy Easter weekend. Traffic Chief Quinton Chetty said that their roadblocks focused on vehicle roadworthiness, commuter safety as well as driver and vehicle fitness. 17 motorists were arrested over the long weekend with blood samples taken from the new EBAT device. This makes the total number of 89 drunken drivers arrested since March. Chetty said the device delivers instant results when it comes to the alcohol levels of drivers, which means that motorists can be arrested and charged on the spot. “The outcomes are made available on the spot much like spot fine prosecutions, meaning that department no longer have to wait up to two years for the blood results in order for the case to be concluded,” said Chetty. He added that all enforcement agencies were on alert to deal with the traffic volumes expected into the Metro and will act decisively with those who are breaking the law. Leading up to the Easter long weekend, 135 traffic fines have been paid at the Automated Number- plate Recognition (ANPR) system bus. The weekend stats are as follows Speed operations stats: 20 - 22 April: Amalinda - 450 Gonubie - 33 NEX - 687 Batting - 150 By-Pass - 45 Union Ave - 70 Lukin Road - 20 Total Cases - 1455 Highest Speed 121 in a 60 Amalinda. Sec56 Notices Issued x 54 Impound for Permits x 2 Capture Cam Speed x 696 2 Motor vehicle accidents attended with no injuries. No fatalities have been reported.