City holds IDP Councillor’s workshop
Buffalo City Metro held a Councillor’s workshop on Ward Priorities, Ward Allocation Programme and IDP/Budget/ PMS process plan.

The workshop took place on Tuesday 23 July at the East London City Hall and it was organised by the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget unit. IDP/Budget and Integration Manager Faith Qebenya said, “The purpose of the workshop is to present to Council the draft IDP/Budget/PMS process plan and time schedule for the fourth annual IDP review.” “As well as drafting of 2020/23 Medium Term Revenue and expenditure Framework (MTREF) and setting of appropriate key performance indicators and targets,” said Qebenya. Adding to that, BCMM Deputy Executive Mayor Zoliswa Matana said, “The purpose of the annual review is to reflect and report on progress made with respect to the strategy in the 5-year IDP, determine annual targets activities for the next financial year in line with the 5-year strategy.” A stakeholder from Department of Environmental Affairs Chulumanco Myataza attended the workshop and presented about the Youth Community Outreach Programmes that they offer in their department. The Community outreach programmes that were mentioned by Chulumanco during the workshop include Community based environmental education and awareness programme, Schools based education and environmental project, identification and removal of illegal dumps. “Community based environmental education and awareness programme aims at nurturing youth to be environmental ambassadors of the communities they come from as well as induce job creation and SMME development through entrepreneurship within the waste sector,” said Myataza. “One of the major legs of the program is to provide Environmental Education and Awareness to schools across Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, specifically centring its topics of discussion around environmental issues faced by the ward in which the school is based within,” he said. “Identification and removal of illegal dumps project focuses on identification of illegal dumps around the Metro as well as identifying other environmental problems faced by each ward so as to create a ward profile that will be submitted to the national office of environmental affairs,” he added. BCMM Councillors were also given an opportunity to ask questions, comments on IDP/Budget/PMS process plan, ward priorities and ward allocation programs as well as Community Outreach Programmes.