Export Sector Specific Training
The City is inviting interested companies for the Export Sector Training

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Export Helpdesk invites emerging and seasoned exporters to apply for Sector Specific Training. The focus will be on the Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Business Outsourcing and Services Sectors. The purpose of the training is to prepare companies for the successful expansion of their businesses into international markets. Interested companies are required to complete and submit the Export Sector Specific Training assessment form, which will assist determine the appropriate level of training for each company. The Training will combine the following topics namely: 1. Trade Agreements 2. How to Select Suitable Foreign Market 3. Financing Export Transactions and Financing Decision 4. Incoterms Closing date for submission is 22 May 2018. Completed forms may be hand delivered @ ECDC Building, Ocean Terrace Park. Quigney, East London or forwarded via email to the following officials: The Buffalo City Export Help Desk is an initiative of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality and the Eastern Cape Development Corporation. Linda Lubengu: exporthelpdesk@ecdc.co.za or Songezo Boyisi: exporthelpdesk@ecdc.co.za Please note that companies must meet a minimum assessment score to be eligible to participate in the training. The Assessment form may be downloaded on www.ecdc.co.za Marvilogix International with Mark Adams as facilitator of the training programme has a number of years’ experience in facilitating training on Export Development and has a wealth of experience in small, medium and micro enterprise development. Mark has been facilitating and developing Export Development Training for the Department of Trade and Industry, the Small Enterprise Development Agency and of course the Eastern Cape Development Corporation and has been consulting to the private sector on trading globally. The event is from 27 to 31 May 2019.