Chief Whip of Council Councillor Sixolisiwe Ntsasela launched the Right to Learn Campaign on 24 January 2023 around Buffalo City. Ntsasela will be visiting different schools around the Metro through on this campaign

“Speaking on the aim of this campaign the Chief Whip said, “We all know that January is a tough month, and since children are now going back to school we saw it fitting that we visit schools around our City and assist families, especially the children that come from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Ntsasela worked together with ward councilors and through the school’s principals, school governing body (SGB) as well as teachers in order to identify the schools.

The first two programs of this campaign took place on 24 and 26 January 2023, in ward 40 where she visited Zukile Primary School

in Tshabo location and handed over school shoes and food parcels to 10 children and their parents. The second program took place in ward 50 in Bhongolethu High School where food packs were handed over, young girls also received sanitary towels.