The Council Speaker, Councillor Humphrey Maxegwana addressed the community about the importance and relevance of these proceedings, “We have these meetings to improve communication between the Municipality and the community on how we can improve the way we do things as a Municipality. Not everybody has access to technology. We need to use our Councillors and to communicate with them. This is the first meeting we have held in the year, and there are more to follow. What we have done here today arms us with ideas on how we can improve on the next meeting."

Councillor Maxegwana continued to speak about what the orders of council is, “The orders of council is a rule book that ensures we do everything according to book. It is also based on the constitution of the Republic where members of the community must take part in everyday life through their appointed Councillors.”

Some key points to take away from the proceedings is the reassurance from ward councillors to community members that as ward councillors, their role is to serve, "Our doors are open, our offices are open to help the community", Ward 3 Councillor Lorna Hali, said. “We as ward Councillors appreciate these meetings because it shows that the Municipality acknowledge the issues in our communities", she added.

Ward 47 Councillor, Funeka Wolose, encourages residents to make use of their ward councillors because it is the community that elected the ward council members and placed them in their positions to be the voice of the community.
The Council Speaker concluded the proceedings by to thanking those in attendance for their participation in the proceedings. "Thank you very much for your work, for your comments, your criticisms on how we deliver our work."