BCMM Traffic Services members displayed their other side this past weekend... the gentle side.

This was when they supported families who lost their homes in blazing fires two weeks ago Eluxolweni CC Loyd informal settlement.
Over 33 households were left homeless b the blaze.
This prompted traffic officials to start a food and clothing collection campaign.
The BCM road and traffic enforcement officers came with a Samaritan spirited idea to share what they have with the unfortunate families and collected items amongst themselves, family and friends.
 They collected and fundraiser for bedding, clothing, shoes and groceries for each family affected.
Assistant Superintendent Quluba had this to say about their intervention: “By this gesture, we wish to emphasize that we are also human. We are one of you as the community and we want to extend this helping hand to comfort you as we also depend on you to perform our duties successfully as you are our eyes that can see in our absence.”
“It is our wish that you understand that Law Enforcement Agencies are for the community not against the community, therefore your assistance in fighting crime is needed.”
Local Ward 6 Councillor Kiki also commended the efforts of the Traffic Services department and commended their compassion and spirit of Ubuntu particularly during the Mandela month.
“This shows commitment, love and care to the needy people. Our traffic officials proved indeed that umntu ngumntu ngabantu,” he said.
Though speechless, great fullness was visible in the faces of the beneficiaries and a word of gratitude on on their behalf was relayed to the BCMM Traffic Services by Mrs Jwambi, a community member.
This took place on Saturday, 25 July at Gompo Hall in Duncan Village.