The Buffalo City Metro has applauded one of its traffic officers who went beyond the call of duty.

Lawrence Constable, a Senior Traffic officer was on Fitchett Road towards the By-pass in East London when he, together with three General workers (Mgutyana, Tshananda and Bizani) came across a lady who was being robbed. When she saw them she screamed for help and they got out and chased the suspect. This was seen by other motorists who also stopped to assist as well as community members. Officer Constable, who has been serving the Municipality for 25 years, caught up with the culprit who fought back hurting Officer Constable by stabbing him with a knife that he had over his eye. When community members arrived, they started assaulting the suspect and officer Constable, again had to intervene. They were assaulting the suspect with rocks, and to disperse them, officer Constable had to fire warning shots. The South African Police Services arrived at the scene and managed the situation. Officer Constable said he was not afraid and was just doing service to the community. The City salutes officer Constable.