Following the eviction that was carried out by the Sheriff in Fynbos, below is the timeline of events:

• BCMM is faced with a backlog in the provision of houses to qualifying residents, and is chasing a moving target as people migrate and settle in the City looking for better opportunities • In complying with Constitutional provision of providing houses, BCMM identified land parcels for housing projects. • Erf 2413 in Fynbos was identified as suitable land for housing projects which will provide houses for approved beneficiaries who are on the BCMM housing waiting list and qualifying. • BCMM requested funding from Department of Human Settlements for this project. • Numerous qualifying individuals on the BCMM housing waiting list are approved by Department of Human Settlements, after they were verified that they meet the criteria to be beneficiaries. • The lawful process is that when the building of houses is completely built the lawful beneficiaries take occupation. • In Fynbos this could not happen due to illegal occupation. • The Fynbos houses were illegally occupied on or about 9 July 2018 • The houses were in possession of BCMM before they were invaded and unlawful occupied. • The occupiers have unlawfully dispossessed BCMM of these properties / houses thus BCMM is entitled to restoration of these houses under mandament van spolie which is a speedy remedy intended to return the possession of the property to the rightfully owner and to end lawlessness. • On or about 26 July 2018, BCMM lodged an urgent court interdict seeking relief that the illegal occupiers be evicted. • Fynbos illegal occupiers were in court and requested the court to grant the opportunity to be legally represented which the court agreed. • On the 27 July 2018, the court granted BCMM an interim order with return date in 4 September 2018 to allow Fynbos illegal housing occupiers attorneys to present their case. • The court finalized this matter, judgement was issued 18 April 2019 granting BCMM to evict unlawful occupiers of houses in Fynbos. • BCMM, SAPS and Sheriff executed the court order on the 26 June 2019. • In all the above legal proceedings, the unlawful Fynbos Houses occupiers were individually advised to vacate the houses and were given reasonable notices to do so. • News paper adverts as well radio communication informing the public and illegal occupiers of the eviction court order was done and letters to the illegal occupiers were delivered. • It is important that we uphold the law and abide by the constitution of the Republic as part of our democratic